A Texas judge yesterday ruled that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was unconstitutional, setting the stage for a legal challenge in a higher court that could derail the legislation that has delivered insurance to tens of millions of Americans.  The ACA is still in place but Republicans will use this ruling to further their project of denying as many citizens as possible access to affordable care.  The GOP wants to go back to the old days when insurance companies made money by denying sick people insurance coverage.  Time will tell.

On the subject of bad court rulings, one of the most compelling and important articles recently came from Thomas B. Edsall in the NY Times, who wrote about the corrosive impact of money in politics thanks to the grotesque (and wrongly decided) Citizens United ruling by the Supreme Court.  I urge you to read it:

“In the eight years since it was decided, Citizens United has unleashed a wave of campaign spending that by any reasonable standard is extraordinarily corrupt.”


Edsall comes to the conclusion that we have “a Supreme Court incapable of applying either reason or common sense”.  In other words, a majority of the Supreme Court are Republicans.

Enjoy your weekend and keep resisting…

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