More big news yesterday in the Trump Crimes saga.  It was reported that the meeting between Trump lawyer Michael Cohen and publisher David Pecker to discuss how Pecker could assist Trump’s presidential bid was convened and attended by Donald Trump himself. So Trump was a party to the conspiracy to commit campaign finance fraud that Cohen has already plead guilty to.  This is yet another damning piece of evidence bolstering the felony campaign finance fraud case against the president, and it isn’t even the core Mueller case.  It’s instead being investigated by the Southern District of New York.  Coverage by Tom Winter of NBC:

It was also reported that the Trump Inauguration Committee is under criminal investigation for possible financial abuses, potential pay-to-play favors, and illegal foreign donations.  So far the foreign contributions seem to be associated with countries in the Middle East, including Qatar, UAE, and Saudi Arabia–of course.  The committee raised over a hundred million dollars and has not disclosed publicly where and how that money was spent.  The probe was started after materials were seized in the raid of Michael Cohen’s law offices.  Coverage from the New York Times:

It was also reported last night that Jared Kushner is being considered for the soon-to-be-vacated post of White House Chief of Staff.  It’s likely that nobody else wants the job so, because he is already in legal jeopardy, Jared wouldn’t be hurting himself by taking it.  But this is Banana Republic governance.  Dictator Trump surrounding himself with incompetent loyalists whose interests are closely aligned with his.  Pathetic.

Lastly, the Senate voted yesterday to officially acknowledge that Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman was responsible for the death of WaPo journalist Jamal Khashoggi.  The bipartisan bill passed by a unanimous vote but may never make it to the president because the House, under Paul Ryan, might not allow the bill to be voted on.  GOP House members would rather coddle a murderous dictator to protect Trump than pretend they care about human rights or our bedrock national values.

Every day seems to bring a new scandal or outrage.  Keep resisting…

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