It’s not difficult to imagine that Trump is becoming like the proverbial frog in a pot of hot water.  The heat keeps rising but he won’t hop out until it’s too late & the water boils.  Cable news this weekend seemed to coalesce into a consistent chorus asking not “if” but “when” Trump would be impeached as multiple investigations bore down on him and his family, one already pointing to felony campaign fraud.  Would the Democrats wait until more information from the Mueller probe came to light, or would they move quickly once in office?  The salient observation has become:

If Trump isn’t a clear and compelling candidate for impeachment, nobody ever will be.

An excellent article was published on Saturday in the New Yorker by Adam Davidson shedding light on one of the few silver linings to the Trump debacle–that we are fortunate Trump and his circle are so incompetent:

…what we now know is a powerful tale that combines elements that are familiar from other Trumpworld scandals. It is at once shockingly corrupt, blatantly unethical, probably illegal, and yet, at the same time, shabby, small, and ineptly executed.

As we move forward and work to remove Trump from office, either through impeachment or by voting him out in 2020, we have to remain hyper-aware of the possibility that a much more capable and nefarious authoritarian figure could try to rise upon the shoulders of the sentiments that brought Trump to power.  Vigilance is the price we have to pay to keep this from happening again.  If we don’t learn from this catastrophic chapter in our history our Democracy is doomed.  And in this spirit, it’s crucial to regain the narrative of the importance of government.

Government in a democracy is neither bad nor evil.  If you hate government, you hate your neighbors and fellow citizens because that’s who government is.  Demanding smaller government (or larger government) for its own sake is ridiculous and wrong headed.  We should demand smart, efficient and effective government that is equal to the challenges we face and the problems needing to be solved.  Good government is essential to keeping our air clean, keeping our food supply safe, keeping our infrastructure from crumbing, keeping our nuclear arsenal from polluting our ground water, keeping track of our military spending, and on and on and on.

Trump and his cult of know-nothing government haters have reminded us by their ineptitude of just how important good government is.  When conservatives and Fox TV roll out their usual “government is bad” bullshit we need to beat their nonsense back and not allow their anarchic propaganda to go unchallenged.  We need good government.

On a lighter note, here’s a cartoon from the weekend.

Image may contain: 9 people

Keep resisting…

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