Yesterday Antonio Delgado held another in a series of gatherings to thank volunteers for their help with his successful campaign, this one in Rhinebeck.


He’s committed to staying engaged with voters–especially the constituents who powered him to victory–to keep his finger on the pulse of our district.  It’s important to note than John Faso lost touch with voters, and his supporters abandoned him early on.  Delgado wants to remain connected.

This seems like a good time to repeat a theme that’s been expressed here before.  The election of Delgado was a victory, but it was only one battle in a much longer war.  We still need to get rid of Trump, we still need to begin repairing the damage Trump and Trumpism have caused, we still need to push for major action on climate change, and so on.

The great lesson of this sad saga in our national history has to be that liberals, progressives, Democrats, etc. can never again sit on the sidelines.  We disengage and become complacent at our peril because when we turn away from local day-to-day politics, powerful wealthy forces fill the vacuum with divisive propaganda and destructive, self-serving policies.  They take over state houses and school boards and push toxic bullshit masquerading as science or history or sound policy and our nation becomes gravely diminished.

As long as Delgado fights for us and works hard to fulfill his campaign promises, we need to show up and have his back.  When we started protesting early in 2017, none of Faso’s supporters showed up to counter our actions.  We can never abandon Delgado now that our hard work has helped him into Congress.

Activism has to be a life-long endeavor.  It doesn’t have to overwhelm our lives, it doesn’t need to become all-consuming, but we can’t walk away from it either.  Our goal is not just to win an election but to build a culture of political engagement that produces great candidates and an active electorate.  The challenge is to find a balance as we move forward.

Oh yeah–John Kelly is leaving the White House by the end of the year, William Barr is the new Attorney General appointee, and Trump has been formally implicated in felony election fraud in the Michael Cohen sentencing filing.

Much work ahead.  Keep resisting…

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