Republicans are actively trying to thwart Democracy by subverting the will of the voters in Michigan and Wisconsin, just as they did after election losses in North Carolina, enacting lame-duck restrictions on the powers of the incoming Democratic governors and legislators.  But sore-loser Republicans are also looking more and more guilty of actual voter fraud in North Carolina, where a well-funded group appears to have waged a broad effort to collect absentee ballots illegally and tilt the outcome to the Republican candidate.  Once again, the corrupt GOP seems guilty of the things they accuse the Democrats of doing.  What other conclusion can we form other than that Republicans don’t like or trust Democracy?

Meanwhile, the Mueller investigation gets closer and closer to Trump and his family.  In lieu of a description and discussion, here is an outstanding overview of the many legal inquiries aimed at Donald Trump and his criminal regime written by Mikhaila Fogel and Benjamin Wittes in the Atlantic.  It’s comprehensive but not long–well worth reading:

The big one will not be a legal development, an indictment, or a plea. It will be a political development—that moment when the American political system decides not to tolerate the facts available to it any longer.

The Trump presidency is on the verge of drowning in legal entanglements and investigations, which is a common problem for criminal enterprises.  Will Congress respect and support the rule of law, or will the Republicans reject our history, values and Constitution to protect a lying con-man?

Happy Faso-less Friday and keep resisting…

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