If  you haven’t seen footage of yesterday’s service for President George HW Bush, it’s worth watching.  Trump was out of his depth and cast a dismal pall as soon as he arrived.  When all the other attendees were reading bible phrases, Trump and Melania were standing wooden, unwilling to participate.  It was almost comical.  One observer noted on Cable News that Trump always looked put-upon, as if his mind is stuck on the thought that everything “is so unfair”.  It’s become his default emotion.

Of course, Trump has always been the last person anyone would expect consolation from.  His total self-absorption & bottomless insecurity leave him entirely lacking in empathy.

David A. Graham has an excellent piece in the Atlantic on this subject:

Trump, ever self-centered, seems unable to imagine that there is anything more relevant than being graced by his own presence. But like many acts of self-aggrandizement, this one arguably betrays insecurity.


One of the many important news stories swallowed by the black hole of Trump’s scandals has been the release of new guidelines by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos for the reporting of sexual assault on campuses.  Her tragic proposal is blatantly regressive and could have been written by a “men’s rights” extremist.

According to law, her proposal must be subject to public comment, so please read this article from NPR by Jeffrey Pierre and Anya Kamenetz and consider submitting a comment:


It’s hard to keep up with all the news flooding out of the corrupt Trump scandal machine but please stay energized and motivated…and keep resisting…



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