The Mueller sentencing recommendation for former Trump official Michael Flynn was filed last night and illuminated the vast scope of Flynn’s cooperation, hinting that there were many legal fronts that Flynn was involved in and, by extension, that Trump may be implicated in.  Mueller recommended no prison time, and this may be a signal to other potential witnesses that solid, thorough cooperation by Trump administration criminals will greatly reduce their legal jeopardy–so better to cooperate than risk getting a pardon.

The Washington Post has a great summary of the Flynn filing:

Trump, meanwhile, seems to be retreating from the press.  He took his 8-vehicle motorcade all of 250 yards to visit a mourning George W. Bush yesterday, presumably to avoid shouted questions from reporters and/or boos from spectators.

With a new scandal emerging almost daily from the corrupt Trump regime, it’s easy to forget the trail of wreckage and outrage left in his wake.  Rebecca Solnit wrote an outstanding overview of the Trump scams in the Guardian:

[Trump] appears to be one of those people who was so rarely told that what he was saying was wrong, boorish, or inane that he has no sense of how he’s perceived or what people are thinking or, often, how things work. Feedback is what steers most of us straight, and power and privilege mean that you can avoid it if you want. When you’re a star they let you do stupid things, and he has done so many.

It’s only going to get crazier as Mueller pulls back the curtain.  Keep your seat belts fastened and be ready to mobilize if Trump starts to pull any fascist stunts to thwart the rule of law or distract from his imminent jeopardy.

Keep resisting…

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