Donald Trump must be feeling the pressure like never before.  He went on a Twitter tantrum yesterday, attacking the legal process around his former lawyer Michael Cohen, and praising associate Roger Stone for not snitching on Trump.

Many legal scholars, prosecutors and former federal attorneys are calling the Tweet an illegal act of witness tampering.  In fact, it was made clear during the Watergate era that any president who attempted to influence witnesses in an investigation of that president was obstructing justice, abusing power, and committing a “high crime and misdemeanor” that rose to the level of an impeachable offense.

Here is the Washington Post’s take on the tweets via Deanna Paul:

Trump is hoping that his crime, committed on Twitter, will be dismissed because it was done out in the open.  We have to push back on that bullshit narrative hard.  Ignorant cult followers might believe that anything done by a president out in the open must be legal, but any sane and informed person knows that’s just not true.  Crimes happen out in the open all the time, even by presidents when they are profoundly corrupt and desperate.

This latest scandal adds to the mushrooming pile of evidence accumulating in the Mueller probe.  Legal observers are forming a consensus that because the most recent Mueller filings and indictments are unusually detailed, Mueller is essentially presenting his case–his findings–through his filings, thus avoiding the possibility that the illegally appointed AG Whitaker will quash the Mueller findings and never let them see the light of day.  By giving so many details in each court case, Mueller is constantly giving us new pieces to the puzzle that form a clearer picture of where his investigation is going.

An excellent piece in Axios by Garrett M. Graff lays out the strength of the case that Mueller seems to have:

One of the least-noticed elements of the special counsel’s approach is that all along, he has been making his case bit by bit, in public, since his very first court filing. With his major court filings so far, Mueller has already written more than 290 pages of the “Mueller Report.” And there are still lots of loose ends in those documents — breadcrumbs Mueller is apparently leaving for later.

Trump is in hot water, and the temperature will continue to rise.  He will almost certainly react in an increasingly extreme and erratic fashion, so stay alert and be ready to resist in any way necessary as the situation unfolds…

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