Two news stories caught my attention yesterday.

First was an article in the NY Times about the GOP response to their midterm wipeout.  It’s great news for the Democrats going into the next election cycle.  Apparently the GOP does not feel it needs to make any course correction.  This shouldn’t surprise anyone outside the GOP bubble, because a party that denies science, denies facts, watches bogus “news” channels, and supports a con-man president whose entire life is a lie…is a party divorced from reality.  Here’s the article by Jonathan Martin:

The longer the GOP remain deluded about their midterm losses, the easier it will be for Democrats to build another blue wave that will wash Trump and a lot of other slime out of Washington in 2020.

The second story concerned the already-covered Trump Tower deal in Moscow where Trump allegedly considered giving Vladimir Putin a $50-million penthouse.  Legal experts are increasingly convinced that if an offer to Putin occurred while Trump was a candidate and was connected to a pledge to remove sanctions on Russia, the effort would qualify as an illegal conspiracy.

Norman Eisen and Barry Berke in USA Today give an excellent overview of the legal issues arising from the ever-growing Trump Russia scandal…

Many now believe that these allegations prove that Putin and Russia had leverage over Trump the same way the Russians had leverage over Michael Flynn, who was forced out of the Trump administration in disgrace.

The Mueller probe is clearly kicking into a higher gear so expect more disclosures and revelations in the days ahead.

Keep resisting…

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