President Trump joined the “Group of 20” leaders in Buenos Aires this weekend.  All 19 other leaders, including Vladimir Putin of Russia, backed a statement on the issue of climate change except Trump, who refuses to accept the science that the rest of the world considers settled.  Jon Fritze gives a good summary in USA today:

Trump’s latest rejection of man-made climate change comes on the heels of a devastating climate change report issued by our own government under the control of the Trump administration–which is bizarre and contradictory to say the least.  Meanwhile the UN is gathering for it’s annual climate conference this week in Poland.  Adding to the Trump administration report is a grim article in the guardian by Robin McKie highlighting the regions most at risk now from rapidly rising temperatures and sea levels.

With the stakes so high and the risks so great, it almost seems worthwhile to erect a climate denier Hall Of Shame so history will never forget the people who, through disinformation or willful inaction, allowed our carbon footprint to go so dramatically and lethally astray.  When massive ecological dislocations inevitably occur, like crop failures and famine, the climate deniers should have to stand at the back of the food line.  When the ocean swallows half of Florida, the climate deniers should be relocated last.  We need some sort of pre-arranged penalty or consequence hanging over their heads today so they won’t be surprised when we hold them accountable tomorrow.

Our nation faces many challenges, and the next president will have a massive mess to clean up after the Trump disaster, but climate has to be at the top of the priority list.  If we don’t move quickly and meaningfully toward lowering carbon and methane levels, nothing else will matter.  It may already be too late.

Keep resisting.  Future generations will thank us…

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