George Herbert Walker Bush passed away last night at the age of 94.  The 41st president died eight months after the death of his beloved wife Barbara Bush.  The New York Times printed an obituary late in the evening written by Adam Nagourney:

Bush forged a complicated legacy.  Compared to Donald Trump, Bush was a paragon of rectitude and stability.  In retirement he seemed a kind-hearted and jovial figure, grandfatherly and dignified.  But he was also a former CIA director in an era of dirty spy tricks, and as Vice President to Ronald Reagan he was likely an operative in the Iran Contra arms-for-hostages scandal that became such an ugly and un-American chapter in our history.

Of course, Iran Contra pales in comparison to the Trump-Russia scandal that is ever-unfolding.  Trump’s shady Moscow ties are coming to the surface thanks for former lawyer Michael Cohen, who appears to be asserting that Trump was so eager to do a Trump tower deal in Moscow that he was ready to give Vladimir Putin a $50-million penthouse as a bribe to get the deal done. Cable news was abuzz yesterday about the ways that Trump may have been compromised by former KGB agent Putin, not to mention the ways that Trump and his associates lied about their Moscow entanglements while conducting their presidential campaign.

Here’s an excellent short summary of the Michael Cohen revelations by Alex Ward in Vox:

The Cohen disclosures were so compelling that even collusion skeptics like conservative John Podhoretz are now saying that it looks like Trump and Co. colluded and won’t be judged well by history.  It’s also worth noting that there is much we don’t know about what Mueller has on Trump.  The Moscow stuff could be the tip of a much larger ice berg.  Anyone who has observed Trump over the decades knows that his friends were mostly mobsters and con men, and that he was a playboy real-estate heir who dabbled (and failed) at business while lying compulsively to puff himself up and impress others.  That there isn’t a wide swath of corruption and criminality in Trump’s wake would surprise all but his most naive and deluded followers.

Let’s keep working to make Trump a one-term blunder…

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