Things you should know today

1) Trump repeatedly promised on the campaign trail that his economic policies would create SO MANY jobs, yet auto maker GM announced massive layoffs yesterday despite profit windfalls from the GOP tax cuts.  In addition, Trump constantly mentioned that the steel industry would be building four to six new steel mills thanks to him, yet NONE of them have materialized nor have any such plans been announced.

2) Refugees from the notorious Honduran Caravan, mostly women and children, arrived on our border with Mexico and were met with tear gas, causing widespread outrage on social media.  Trump claimed that the kids had been “grabbed” by bad adults who were not their parents to be used for easy access to our country–an accusation without a shred of evidence.

3) The plea deal between Paul Manafort and the Mueller probe was tossed out by Mueller because Manafort had violated its terms by repeatedly lying and obfuscating.  Now Manafort will will stand in front of a judge for sentencing, which could send him to jail for the rest of his life.  Many are speculating that Manafort is expecting a pardon from Trump, which would be a huge risk, while others believe Manafort just can’t stop being a liar.

IF Trump ever does pardon Manafort, we will need to raise holy hell and demand that our laws be enforced and respected–something the Republicans were crowing about for decades before scofflaw Trump became president.

Trump seems increasingly desperate and manic, lying with greater audacity and frequency as the Mueller probe closes in.  Meanwhile his poll numbers are sinking, with 38% approving and 60% disapproving.  Expect more Mueller developments this week.

The United States can’t get rid of Trump soon enough.   Keep resisting…

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