A massive report on climate was released by the government yesterday detailing the disastrous costs of climate change by the end of the century–a report entirely at odds with the president and much of his party.

A majority of Americans understand the process of global warming and want our leaders to act, so this report will bolster the urgency of the issue, even if the deeply inept Trump administration will take no action.

The coverage of this report in the New York Times by Coral Davenport and Kendra Pierre-Louis was excellent and included a link to a summary of the report:


It’s been a hallmark of climate science that most predictions made over the years, even those scenarios deemed “the extreme case”, turned out to be too mild.  Antarctica is melting at a faster pace than anyone predicted years ago.  Sea ice in the arctic has disappeared more quickly than anyone predicted years ago.  And so forth.  So it’s likely that the predictions made by this report will turn out to under-predict the actual harm that is already expressing itself all over the globe.

We have to demand that our leaders give climate change the urgency it deserves, while politicians who prostitute themselves to the fossil fuel industry must be shamed and exposed at every opportunity.  Most of all, we have to make sure that Trump is only a four-year detour from action on climate, not eight.

Keep resisting…


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