It was reported yesterday that Trump approached the DOJ in April of 2018 to ask that Hillary Clinton and James Comey be prosecuted.  Fortunately, the DOJ refused.  This is the kind of unjust vengeance that third-world dictators visit upon their vanquished political opponents, and in theory it could be something a US president would be impeached for if the Republican party weren’t completely devoid of principles. But the GOP prefers to coddle an incompetent authoritarian bully if it means they get to continue their misogyny project by overturning Roe v Wade via a partisan Supreme Court.

Not only did Trump try to emulate a petty dictator in April, but he again sided with totalitarian strongmen yesterday when he defended the Saudi Crown Prince against a report from the CIA that concluded the Crown Prince ordered the assassination of WaPo journalist Jamal Khashshoggi.  This is the latest lamentable chapter of Trump shitting all over our nation’s history–however imperfect!–of supporting human rights.  Trump is happy to put a price on anything, including our values, to get something he wants or protect something he has.

As a counterweight to these depressing attacks on our values and institutions, Carter Eskew wrote in WaPo a rosy editorial analysis of the future of the Trump Presidency, and the title tells the story: The End Of Trump.  It’s short and worth a read.

Finally, keep your eye on news about the newly appointed AG, Matthew Whitaker.  It seems increasingly likely that Whitaker gave Trump an inside view of the Mueller investigation, which would be a massive ethics violation.  Senator Chuck Schumer is demanding that the Inspector General look into the potentially explosive allegation.

Keep resisting…


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