Life under Trump is a daily series of scandals, hypocrisies, and insults to our institutions.

Yesterday’s scandal-that-would-bring-down-any-other-administration involved daughter Ivanka Trump’s profligate use of a personal email account to do government business.  Yes, Ivanka has been doing almost the exact same thing that Trump and his cult have been screaming at Hillary Clinton about for three years.  Their “Lock Her Up” chant was specifically referring to Hillary’s use of a private email server and the awful, horrible, no-good, treasonous danger to national security it posed.  Here are the details from the NY Times:

It’s a foregone conclusion that nobody on the Trump train will condemn Ivanka because they don’t care about being massively hypocritical.  Their outrage over Clinton has little to do with email and everything to do with demonizing strong liberal women.  The GOP has been distilled down by radical conservatives, and now Trump, to a cauldron of misogyny, bigotry, and homophobia.

But Trump’s followers are feeling increased duress thanks to Trump’s own destructive policies.  Many are sticking with him because, after all, they don’t feel as ashamed to be bigoted, misogynistic homophobes under the Trump regime as they felt under past administrations.  But at the margins, particularly with independent voters, Trump has been losing supporters, as the midterm results confirmed.  And the widening division between Trump country and the rest of America suggest he will continue to lose support, as Anthony W. Orlando described so beautifully in an OpEd in WaPo:

Trump counties — and especially counties with higher proportions of Trump voters — continue to fall farther behind the rest of the country economically. The story of our economy, like the story of our politics, continues to be a story of division and divergence.

Trump needs more than his small core of rabid supporters to win a second term.  But his policies are driving away the other voters he needs, and it’s hard to imagine the economic and societal trends changing in time to help Trump in 2020.

Let’s keep pointing out the inept and destructive policies that contribute to the widening disparity between owners and workers.  And Let’s keep working to Dump Trump in 2020.

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