Much has been made of Trump’s increasing anger and frustration.  The Midterm losses, his disastrous and humiliating trip to France, and the controversy surrounding his illegal and disqualifying AG pick have all ratcheted up the pressure on Don The Con.

Trump recently tweeted that there was chaos inside the Mueller probe, which led many observers to wonder if his tweet came out of an inside look at the probe via his new AG pick, Matthew Whitaker.  It’s possible that Whitaker was briefed on the investigation and went running to Trump to warn him of what’s to come.  And that alone may be why Trump is going so crazy–knowing that much of Mueller’s hand has yet to be played, and that Trump is virtually powerless to stop it.

Here’s an excellent case for Trump’s impotence by Paul Waldman in the Washington Post:

As the heat rises, it’s easy to imagine Trump going to greater extremes to fight back and/or divert attention elsewhere.  This could come in the form of military action, or by disclosing a new scandal (admitting he paid multiple women over the years to have abortions, for example).  On “Last Week Tonight” John Oliver went over the three main characteristics of an authoritarian ruler (dictator), and they have become shockingly familiar in the era of Trump.

  1. Project power
  2. Demonize enemies
  3. Destroy institutions

Trump goes out of his way to appear to be powerful.  “I alone can fix it.” His bogus business origin story is built around his supposed business acumen.  It’s all a con, of course.  He inherited his money.  And as a manager, he doesn’t even have the spine to fire members of his cabinet face-to-face.  He has John Kelly do it, or he does it via Twitter.  He covers his cowardice with phony bravado.

Trump has spent most of his time in office creating enemies.  From the very-bad-people of the Press to Mexican rapists to MS-13 gangs to Refugee Invaders to, most recently, evil Democrat mobs.  The way he sees it, everyone is against him, and the more desperate and powerless he feels, the more extreme is animus toward his enemies and the more extreme his rhetoric to his cult.

Trump has undermined almost every institution he has control over, and even some he doesn’t, like the Supreme Court.  He’s hollowed out the State Department, shit all over the Intelligence community, cast every kind of aspersion at the “crooked” Justice Department, appointed agency heads who are hostile to the agencies they head, and insulted the military by sending them to the border for a political stunt.

If Trump weren’t so thoroughly incompetent, vain and loose-lipped we would be in much bigger trouble than we already are.

Our challenge in the next two years is to keep Trump from burning down what’s left of our Democracy while at the same time avoiding emotional exhaustion and rage fatigue.  It’s going to get worse before it gets better, but with the House now in Democratic control we have power again in Congress. And we can keep organizing on a grass-roots level to take greater control of our local governments and solidify our political power in our district and state.  If nothing else, we will have the chance to vote Trump out in less that two years.

Keep resisting, and keep working to Dump Trump…

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