The week ended on a quiet note.  No new indictments from the Mueller probe.  The biggest news came when the CIA announced they had officially determined that MBS (Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi Crown Prince) personally ordered the assassination of Washington Post reporter Jamal Khasshoggi.  Not that anyone was surprised, but the CIA report added a layer of deep confirmation missing from the version told by Turkish Intel.  The Saudi’s have always been a profoundly corrupt and reprehensible regime, but that hasn’t stopped America from doing significant business with them, including Trump who has deep financial ties to the Kingdom–the first foreign stop he made as President.  Perhaps our cozy relationship with Saudi Arabia is in peril now.  Here’s an overview of the scandal from the New York Times:

For a good summary of the state of Trump and the White House, read Frank Rich’s new article in New York Magazine:

This is bunker behavior. Only a desperate man would try to derail Mueller by installing this transparent reprobate at the Department of Justice. Even more revealing is how Trump has become more and more unhinged since making his Whitaker move. The growing fury, most manifest in his latest anti-Mueller tweetstorm this week, suggests that he already realizes that the ploy has backfired.

Keep resisting…

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