I have to admit, it’s nice to experience Friday now that Faso is a lame duck Congressman (especially in the aftermath of an early snow storm).  Lyin’ John is packing up his office and logging his final complaints to the media about why he lost, and soon he will be a sad footnote in our local history.

Of greater ongoing importance is the fight against Trump, who continues to defile the office of the President with lies and vitriol.  David Remnick of The New Yorker offers a good overview of the current state of Trump:

The unwinding accelerates daily. The unhinged tweet storms; the thunderbolts of blame and insult; the firing of Jeff Sessions and the appointment of a hyper-obedient acting Attorney General; the invective hurled at the press (and particularly at African-American reporters); the fact-free rants directed at firefighters trying to put out conflagrations amplified by climate change; the obvious fear of looming investigations and the special counsel’s report. . . . There is no question: the President is losing what last shred of poise he might have possessed.


Watch what happens with the Mueller investigation today.  It looks like the DOJ is going after Wikileaks, one of Trump’s favorite “partners” during his campaign.  And it looks like members of Trump’s campaign, like Roger Stone,  may have been in touch with Wikileaks before they dumped Clinton’s stolen emails.  The walls continue to close in on the Trump campaign.

Keep resisting…

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