Yesterday was a relatively slow news day.

Trump was reportedly holed up in the White House raging about the midterm losses and his disastrous trip to France.

Trump kept repeating insanely false things about voter fraud–like millions of illegals are voting, then changing clothes and voting again–as he launched baseless attacks at Florida and Georgia as recounts continued in both states.

The Democrats won another House seat, this time in New Jersey where Democrat Andy Kim beat incumbent Rep MacArthur.

Senator Mitch McConnell continued to carry water for Trump by blocking bills to keep the Mueller investigation going…so Republican Senator Jeff Flake stood up to GOP leadership and decided to withhold his votes for judicial nominees until McConnell allows a floor vote on a bill to protect Mueller.  Keep in mind that the main goal of Republicans is to pack the courts at every level with conservative partisan hacks, so Flake’s move is huge.  Here’s a recap in Vox from Li Zhou:

Here is a fascinating article by Jeremy Stahl in Slate about how the Democrats could continue the Mueller probe even if Mueller is fired:

Keep resisting…

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