News highlights from a busy Monday:

>Democrat Kyrsten Sinema beat Martha McSally to become Arizona’s first female Senator.

>President Trump in a Tweet sought to make sure that legal military ballots cast by soldiers serving overseas were not counted in Florida…on VETERAN’S DAY.

>Another indictment seems to be coming in the Mueller probe, this time for Roger Stone’s pal Jerome Corsi who believes he will be indicted for lying to investigators.

>For Wonky readers, a fascinating article was published in Slate last night by Andrew Gelman about the numbers underlying the Blue Wave:

“Here’s the key takeaway: The Democrats’ biggest gains in 2018 were in districts where the Republicans were dominant in 2016…”

And finally, a fascinating op-ed by Jennifer Rubin in the Washington Post:

“…we should continue to tally Trump’s constitutional offenses just as we keep a running count of his lies. However, these offenses are part of a bigger picture of a failing president and a party incapable of breaking with him. Trump is cracking up, as is the GOP.”

Keep resisting…

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