Trump embarrassed himself over the weekend by canceling a visit to a US military cemetery outside Paris because of rain, angering veterans who felt disrespected and prompting a flood of posts on social media showing President Obama at various events in soaking rain, speaking while drenched, etc.  To make Trump’s trip worse, French President Macron said in a speech aimed directly at Trump that nationalism was “a betrayal of patriotism”–a rebuke of Trump’s recent “I’m a nationalist” speech that horrified every sane American.

In the world of print this weekend, two noteworthy stories about Trump are linked below, one depressing and one hopeful.

1) The Trump admin’s unprecedented attack on science and the scientific method as used in government agencies, detailed by Robinson Meyer of The Atlantic:

2) The states that elected Trump in 2016 seemed to go against him BIGLY in the midterms, detailed by John Nichols in The Nation:

In the week ahead, keep your eye on the following stories:

  • The Florida and Georgia recounts.
  • The illegal appointment of Matthew Whitaker to Attorney General.
  • Will Trump fire Ryan Zinke and Wilbur Ross?
  • Will Mueller announce any indictments?

Let’s keep the midterm momentum alive in NY-19.   Keep resisting…

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