In typical Trump fashion, less than 24 hours after a massive defeat in the midterms, the president fired Jeff Sessions as attorney general and elevated partisan crony Matt Whitaker instead of next-in-line Rod Rosenstein. Whitaker should recuse himself for the statements he made in the past criticizing the Mueller probe, including calling it a “witch hunt” on Twitter, but he may not be ethical.

Whitaker now oversees Mueller, and any action by him to shut the probe down would be a direct threat to the rule of law–and another example of obstruction of justice by Trump.

In response, activists across the nation are mobilizing TODAY to protest this move and to urge our lawmakers to PROTECT MUELLER.  Rachel Maddow described it perfectly on Twitter:

A large protest is scheduled for 5pm in NYC’s Times Square.

In our area, “flash mob” protests with the theme “Nobody Is Above The Law” have been scheduled for 5pm in various towns including Rhinebeck, Hudson, Beacon, Fishkill Kinderhook and Kingston.  Find details at this link:


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