Congratulations to Antonio Delgado, our newly elected Congressional Rep!!  Antonio ran a wonderful campaign, and his message of hope, inclusion and accountability defeated the negative campaign and abysmal track record of John Faso.

Broadly, the midterms were a story of repudiation.

Voters rejected Trump’s agenda of hatred and division in numbers large enough to allow the Democrats to reclaim the House of Representatives by a decisive margin, picking up 35+ seats, more than the 23 needed.  Republicans gained a few Senate seats in Red states, and several high-profile Democrats lost, including Beto O’Rourke, Andrew Gillum and Stacey Abrams, but their races were shockingly close considering they were all in southern states that usually crush Democratic opponents.

The Blue Wave materialized and washed away a lot of GOP incumbent House members including our own John Faso, sent packing to lobbying land by fellow citizens who came out in force to vote.  The final margin of victory was north of 6k votes for Delgado even with independent candidates garnering 6k votes between them.  However, the results in local races were more mixed.  Sue Serino narrowly retained her State Senate seat, defeating Democrat Karen Smythe.  But overall, the New York State Senate flipped from Republican to solid Democrat control for the first time in years.

Delgado’s win happened because thousands of dedicated activists and volunteers worked tirelessly for months–some almost two years–organizing and laying the groundwork; many doing thankless tasks behind the scenes that were essential for victory; many taking time out of their normal lives to show up at countless events, town halls, meet & greets, Faso protests & Faso Fridays; many calling, texting, and writing postcards to voters; and many knocking on the tens of thousands of doors necessary to get out the vote.  ITFIO is proud to have played a critical role in this effort in concert with other vital Indivisible groups from around our district, and we should all be truly grateful for the hard work and sacrifice of so many.  It’s not melodramatic to say that we’ve risen to the challenge of the corrupt Trump presidency and helped to save our Democracy.  Thank you to everyone who contributed to this historic win.  

Breathe deeply, take time to savor this well-earned victory, get back to your life, recharge your batteries and enjoy the fact that the House of Representatives will now be under the control of Democrats. And savor the fact that we need NO MORE FASO FRIDAYS!  We won a crucial battle, and we can take some time off to regain our sanity…but we have one more giant mountain to climb in 2020 to hold Delgado in office and finally rid ourselves of the Trump junta.

In that spirit, I’m scaling back my daily blog post. I’m exhausted and need to rest and recharge.  I hope to write once or twice a week, or as needed, to provide some detail on the salient political developments affecting our area, so please stay tuned.  I’m deeply grateful for those of you who read this column regularly.  Keep resisting…

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