THIS IS IT.  For the love of our Democracy, get out and VOTE.  Then get your friends and neighbors to vote.  Then drive strangers to the polls, or carry them piggyback if you have to.  Unless you are incarcerated or unconscious in hospital bed, there is no excuse to sit this election out.  TOO MUCH IS AT STAKE.  So eliminate the chance for regret and VOTE.

This election will be a turning point in our national history. Either we take a new direction away from Trumpism and nationalism, or we sink deeper into something mortally un-American and anti-democratic.

Today’s election will answer several questions.

On a national level, how does our country respond to a corrupt and divisive President who uses fear and racism to motivate his small but rabid cult of followers? This election will be a broad referendum on two years of Trumpism.

On a local level, this election will be a test case of the following concept: can a grass-roots movement of motivated local citizens out-hustle and out-organize a well-funded ad campaign that uses blatant race-baiting and fear-mongering?  Can we out-organize an opponent funded by outside zillioniares like the Kochs, Mercers, Ryans, Boltons, & the NRA?  Can money and influence be eclipsed by local people power?


And if you’re REALLY motivated and want to distract yourself until the results come in tonight, get-out-the-vote actions are still being held TODAY!  You can find a GOTV canvass in 37 towns throughout the district.  Most have times throughout the day. For details and locations click the link.


Let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso and elect Antonio Delgado.  We’re almost there…

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