Two years ago we were shocked and horrified when a dishonest real estate heir, known by many Manhattanites as a sleazy, self-centered womanizer and con man, was elected President under a cloud of suspicious interference from Russia.  To this day it’s still not clear that his election was, in fact, legitimate.  But since the inauguration, Trump’s team has taken a wrecking ball to many of the policies and institutions Democrats toiled for decades to build.  We knew it would be bad, but we never dreamed the Trump regime would be as awful and despicable as it’s turned out.  Every day Trump finds his way to a new low, and his crooked cabinet finds some way of reaching a deeper level of corruption.

It’s been a traumatic and stressful two years watching a third of our fellow citizens applaud a pathological liar whose gracelessness is only matched by his mean spirit.  His vitriol and malevolence are what many of his supporters like, but those traits also cause so much anxiety and distress among everyone else.  Trump has always played the victim–an outsider from Queens treated so unfairly by people who care about silly things like standards, principles and morals.  And his supporters also like to play the victim, forced by history to tolerate gays, accept women and minorities as equals, and co-exist with people who don’t look, act or pray like they do.  “To the privileged, equality feels like oppression.”

For the first time in this two year marathon of dread, we have a chance to strike back and put the brakes on the out-of-control Trump train.  Taking back the House would be an enormous shift in the balance of power, and would effectively stop Trump in Congress.  It would also give the Democrats subpoena power to dig into the corruption and possible criminality of Trump and his swamp of associates.

This chance will only happen if you VOTE.  The race in NY19 is disturbingly close.  We have a lot of enthusiasm and passion and engagement, but the incumbent has name recognition, inertia and an established ground game.  He also has Trump, Ryan and the RNC stoking racial fears to a degree unimaginable two years ago.  The election could come down to a handful of votes.  We have to fight for every voter and make sure nobody sits this one out.  It’s too important.  If the GOP holds the House, Trump will feel emboldened to continue demolishing democracy unchecked.

Help us keep working to Fire Feckless Faso and elect Antonio Delgado.

Canvass and phonebank events are happening all over the district TODAY, probably in a town near YOU.  Please click the link below to find out details:




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