Yesterday was another good day for the Delgado campaign.  There were multiple get-out-the-vote efforts, including a large canvass in Kingston led by Gareth Rhodes and Pat Ryan, and a phonebank in Hudson where dozens of eager volunteers showed up to call their fellow county residents on behalf of Democratic candidates.

It was also reported that Democrat registrations in Ulster County were up by 8,000 voters, while Republicans registrations remained flat!  This was good news because we’re going to need every last vote we can get if we want to win.  The Faso Fear Machine has been running increasingly desperate race-baiting ads, and the Trump regime has also dramatically increased the vitriol and venom of their disgusting immigrants-are-all-evil-murderers themed ads tied to the bogus caravan.

Rachel Maddow last night exposed just how craven and malevolent the Trump plan is to send troops to the border to interdict the scary caravan of refugees.  A military assessment of the situation was leaked to the media showing that our own generals do not take the caravan seriously, and have already determined that there are no middle easterners mixed in, no serious armed threats, etc.  The entire situation is an election-week scare tactic to get Trump’s bigoted, immigrant-hating cult to the polls while blotting out real issues like health care and the social safety net.

We need to keep hammering home these points:

>Faso voted to screw us out of health care protections.

>Faso voted to de-fund Planned Parenthood

>Faso voted to screw women out of a wide array of health protections while in Albany

>Faso voted for a 20-week abortion ban with no exceptions for the life of the mother. 

We only have five days left to complete our mission of Firing Feckless Faso and electing Antonio Delgado, so take a deep breath, gather your strength, and get ready to forge ahead to the finish.  You can sleep when the polls close on Tuesday.  The coming days will be busy with GOTV activities, including a special (and hopefully final) Faso Friday today at noon in Kingston featuring Antonio Delgado, and then what will be his final town hall as a candidate tonight in Hyde Park, Dutchess County at St. James Episcopal Church at 6:30.  Sign up here:


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