Rep John Faso made an appearance on CNN last night in an interview with Chris Cuomo.  When asked about the race-baiting ads airing in NY19, Faso went on the attack, sticking to his two major criticisms of Antonio Delgado.

1) Delgado isn’t from the district:

“he just moved into our district having never lived or worked or been involved in anything in our district…he has no real connection here.”

Of course, Delgado grew up only a few miles outside the border of our district in the Capital Region town of Schenectady, and his wife is a Kingston native. To say Delgado has no real connection here is just a flat-out lie.  Delgado can be fairly described as a native of the region while Faso cannot.  Faso also called Delgado “arrogant” for moving here to run for office, yet that’s EXACTLY what Faso did to start his political career.  He moved to Kinderhook from Long Island to run for a vacant state legislator seat.

2) Delgado doesn’t reflect OUR values.  Faso cites the “bad” language in old rap videos (shown in race-baiting PAC ads that Faso never quite disavows) as proof that Delgado isn’t one of us.  But for anyone with even a passing familiarity with popular culture, Delgado’s lyrics were tame.  He used the “N” word, as many rappers have, and dropped a few “F” bombs, just like Faso’s hero Donald Trump did at multiple public engagements.  Other than that, the videos are a nothing-burger.

Meanwhile, Cuomo and others who interview Faso consistently fail to bring up the lobbying scandal in 2010 that Faso was “at the center of” and earned his law firm a five year ban on lobbying pension funds.  Faso’s scandal was more recent than Delgado’s rap album.  Does anyone in the media care?  Bear in mind that pension funds are often viewed by greedy grifters as giant piggy banks run by amateurs that can be easily squeezed or conned for cash.

Faso didn’t spend a second of the CNN interview defending his votes in Congress–which makes sense.  His positions are squarely at odds with popular sentiment, both in our district and nationally, and his votes had the potential to do real damage to citizens of our district. Candidate Faso seems to have embraced the Trump playbook.  Lie and deny.  He lies about his opponent and denies the consequences of his votes and policies.

Let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso and elect Antonio Delgado.

Feel the energy??  Here are today’s actions to help Get Out The Vote:

  • PHONEBANK in Kingston
    448 Broadway – 10am
    Serino Handmaid Rally, Serino’s office, 4pm
  • PHONEBANK in Gardner
    Gardner Town Hall – 4pm
  • CANVASS in Kingston with Gareth Rhodes & Pat Ryan
    Keegan Ales, 5pm
  • PHONEBANK in Hudson
    717 Columbia St – 5:30pm
  • PHONEBANK in Kingston
    448 Broadway – 8pm

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