With only SIX days left before the midterms, we will not be deterred.  We will not slow down. We will not rest until Rep John Faso is sent packing to the lobbying swamp from whence he came.

Yesterday was another good day for Antonio Delgado.  Steny Hoyer, renowned Maryland Congressman of 37 years, came to NY-19 to help phonebank for Delgado out of a packed Hyde Park office.

Meanwhile, canvassing efforts from last weekend were tallied and according to former Rhinebeck Village and Town Board member Gina Walker Fox, more doors were knocked in NY-19 than in ANY other congressional race in the nation.  Volunteers knocked on some 25,000 doors during Sunday alone for a total of 40,000 over the weekend.  Even if the numbers were overstated by 50% they would be phenomenal.

Of course, door knocking is only part of a larger challenge.  We have to show up at the polls.  We have to get others to join us.  We have to make sure that our anger and anxiety over the Trump catastrophe are directed to the voting booth.  But personal contact with voters has been shown the best way to motivate others to take action and show up.  Phone-banking, door knocking, texting, postcards–all are important as we try to reach every last potential voter.

To Fire Feckless Faso and derail the Trump train, many of us have been working hard for over a year-and-a-half, some of us every single day.  It’s exhausting and thankless work.  But the payoff comes when the House flips.  We can and will do everything in our power to elect Antonio Delgado, but even if we fall short, our efforts here will have taken millions of dollars away from close races elsewhere.  And if that’s what it takes to flip the House blue, then it will be worth it.

Now is the time to stay focused, stay determined, stay on message, and work to get out the vote for Antonio Delgado.  These actions are happening today:

  • Kingston Phonebank – 5:30pm
  • Trick or Vote Dorm Storm at SUNY New Paltz – 6:30pm

Location details here:


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