Yesterday was a great day for Antonio Delgado on the printed page.  Two newspapers published pieces that were extremely favorable and helpful to his campaign.

First, the Washington Post called out seven Republicans including John Faso for misusing–lying about–a story the Post ran a long time ago.  That story fact-checked a statement from Kamala Harris that repealing the ACA and replacing it with the AHCA would have jeopardized all 129 million citizens with pre-existing conditions.  They rated her statement four-Pinnochios false because the AHCA would only remove protections for pre-existing conditions from only 22 million citizens.

Antonio Delgado said Faso voted to gut pre-exisiting conditions.  Faso responded that Delgado’s statement was false, based on the Kamala Harris fact-check by WaPo.  Now WaPo is saying that Delgado was, in fact, correct, and that Faso wasn’t being truthful in his criticism of Delgado’s statement. So the WaPo story destroys a big part of Faso’s attack campaign against Delgado.

Second, Albany’s Times Union, which endorsed Rep John Faso two years ago, endorsed Delgado.  Here is an excerpt of their rationale for abandoning Faso in favor of Delgado:

The various GOP efforts [Faso] has supported to repeal or otherwise dismantle the Affordable Care Act would hurt people with pre-existing conditions and raise premiums for older, sicker individuals. The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, which he voted for, would effectively nullify New York’s handgun laws. The Farm Bill he backed would curtail eligibility for food stamps — yet he insists it wasn’t a cut. And the race-baiting third-party ads against his opponent, which he refuses to condemn, are contemptible.

Full story:

As a local paper, the Times Union endorsement is important, and their critique of Faso’s tenure in office matches the criticism of him by Delgado and NY-19 activists.

If you’re like a lot of NY-19 residents, you probably feel angry, horrified, distressed, anxious and/or fearful about the vile Trump presidency and perhaps John Faso as well.  A great way to take control and turn your distress into positive action is to help with phone banking and canvassing.  Here are the opportunities in our area TODAY:

>Hudson – 5pm

>Hyde Park – 5:30pm With Antonio Delgado & special guest STENY HOYER of Maryland!!

Details here:

Let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso and elect Antonio Delgado…

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