Another heartbreaking day of violence yesterday in Trump’s America as at least 11 people were killed in a mass shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh.  The shooter was a virulent antisemite with a social media history of anger towards immigrants and Jews. He used an AR-15 assault rifle and injured many others, including four police officers.  The shooting might be the most deadly antisemitic attack in our nation’s history, and will surely be considered a hate-crime by the justice system.

It’s important to state publicly, openly and without equivocation what many of us have known for decades.  At least since the Dixiecrats defected to the Republican party in the wake of President Johnson’s support of civil rights initiatives, the Republican party has been the go-to party for Nazis, racists, nationalists, supremacists, fascists, misogynists and homophobes.  It’s a simple fact.  And they pander to these constituents at every opportunity.  When Trump or Republicans or FASO use “Soros” or “Globalists” their supporters know they mean “Jews”.  It’s simple antisemitism.  They are trying to hide from it now, in the wake of the massacre in Pittsburgh, but it’s too late.

Meanwhile, Faso and his tiny band of supporters have been clutching their pearls and feigning outrage, calling Delgado an antisemite because Delgado said Israel wasn’t a full democracy (since the Palestinians in the occupied territories can’t vote).  Anything to keep the focus off Faso’s horrible record on healthcare, women’s issues, the safety net and tax cuts for billionaires.

Beyond the violence in Pittsburgh, yesterday was an incredibly successful day for canvassing in NY-19.  Hundreds of volunteers worked across the district in spite of rain to elect Antonion Delgado and other Democrats, bolstered by Joe Biden’s supportive appearance in Kingston.  The energy has been amazing, and it will continue TODAY.

THIRTY SEVEN TOWNS will hold actions:

CANVASS1Times, locations and signups can be found here:

Let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso and elect Antonio Delgado.  There isn’t much time left to make an impact…

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