Antonio Delgado and John Faso squared off in a televised debate yesterday on Spectrum News.  From the outset it was clear that the live audience was solidly pro-Delgado, and the crowd gathered outside was also mostly Delgado supporters.  A photo circulated on Twitter from @KTravisBallie comparing the two crowds, and it was priceless:


The Faso crowd was just sad.

It was obvious from his debate performance that Faso has been in the political spotlight for a long time, and he had the GOP talking-points down cold, ready to give smart-sounding non-answers to questions as calmly as a snake.  Delgado was not as polished on camera, but once he relaxed and got warmed up his passion overshadowed Faso.  Faso trotted out the usual dog-whistles, including references to Nancy Pelosi, the Central American Caravan, and Delgado’s rap career, and often accused Delgado of being a neophyte who didn’t understand the issues–which was absurd.  Delgado, meanwhile, tried to emphasize the contrasts between the two candidates, including on women’s ability to control their own bodies, on healthcare, on the environment, on taxation and foreign policy.

Nothing either candidate said was likely to change the course of the election, but the strangest moment was delivered by Faso during a routine question from the moderator. He became increasingly worked up and almost lost his temper in an episode reminiscent of Brett Kavanaugh’s testimony to the Senate.  It was a moment of entitled indignation that seemed to surprise everyone in the studio.

A link to video of the debate:

Also, here is a fabulous 2min video from Eleven Films called “The BlueWave Trailer”:

The faux movie trailer features progressive candidates including ANTONIO DELGADO!

Below are the GOTV events in the district today.  Pitch in if you can.  This is going to be a close election AND EVERY VOTE IS GOING TO COUNT!


  • HydePark – 4pm or 6pm


  • Hudson – 5pm
  • Kingston – 5:30pm
  • Rhinebeck – 5:30pm

Let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso and elect Antonio Delgado…

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