Yesterday featured a debate between Antonio Delgado, John Faso and two other independent candidates, sponsored by WAMC radio.  The audio and video can be found here:

Later in the day, Trump held yet another rally, this time in Texas stumping for Lyin’ Ted Cruz, who he formerly despised.  Trump fully understands that the midterms are likely to be a catastrophe for the GOP, so he was turning up the volume on his dog-whistles and pulling crap out of his ass to stoke fear among the die-hard fraction of Americans invested in his cult of vile personality.  Trump’s LYING yesterday reached epic proportions. He made things up about caravans of criminals from central America, with Middle East terrorists mixed in, paid for by Soros, blaming it all on the Democrats, or Pelosi, or whoever opposes him.  It was disgusting, but TV journalists are finally  becoming more outraged by Trump’s reckless, divisive and profoundly dishonest manipulations.

The Trump administration also leaked a memo yesterday detailing a possible policy change that would effectively remove any recognition of Transgender Citizens by the Federal government.  In the eyes of the government, these 1.4 million citizens would simply cease to exist.  They would have to be categorized by their birth gender only.

Will all of this be enough to whip Trump’s deplorable base into a voting frenzy equal to the Democrats?  Probably not.  But we can’t for one second assume that we have room to coast or ease up.  The race in NY-19 will be extremely close, and the incumbent always has the advantage.

So let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso and elect Antonio Delgado…

Here’s a bonus video of Paul Rudd introducing Antonio Delgado at the recent Hudson Valley Votes benefit for local politicians…

There will be a canvass action in Hyde Park tonight at 4pm and 6pm, and there will be a phonebank in Hudson at 5pm.  Details available here:

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