This past weekend was incredibly busy in the district, as hundreds of volunteers were out canvassing and phone-banking for Delgado and other local candidates.  From the pictures and posts on social media it was clear the energy was fantastic all across the district.  My house was visited by Delgado canvassers, which was a great sign.

Faso’s people were also out canvassing, but from the pics and posts they didn’t look nearly as numerous or energetic.  Of course, the incumbent has a built-in advantage having won an election before and been on the news and in the public eye for two years.  But Delgado is doing an amazing job of meeting people and being in ten places at once.

Also on social media, Faso has been trying to tie Delgado to Nancy Pelosi, saying this again last night on Twitter:

It’s mind-blowing that Faso has the gall to accuse the Democrats of scaring voters when in the same Tweet he uses Pelosi’s name to scare voters.  And the Republican PACs buying ads for Faso are fearmongering using “big city rapper” and “MS-13” and “Democrat Mob” to scare Republicans to the polls. His entire message is based on FEAR.

An excellent LTTE was published this weekend in the Times Union by Richard Blais that does a great job of summarizing the rationale for rejecting the GOP–Trump and Faso in particular–and voting for Delgado:

My favorite passage is this:

When I listen to Delgado, I hear a man talking about a positive message of hope. When I listen to Faso, I hear a man talking about fear and intimidation to scare us to keep the status quo. I do not trust Faso to put what is in our best interest ahead of his rich donor base.

Faso has betrayed our trust at every turn.  He’s a shill for corporate interests, not an advocate for the people of his district, which isn’t a surprise since Faso used to be a fracking lobbyist.

Let’s keep working hard to Fire Feckless Faso and elect Antonio Delgado.

  • Canvass tonight in Hyde park, 4pm and 6pm
  • Phonebank tonight in Oneonta, 5pm

Details here:

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