At another of his disgusting rallies, Trump last night praised a Montana congressman for assaulting a reporter from the Guardian, a criminal charge to which the congressman already plead guilty.  In the same week that a Guardian reporter was tortured and assassinated in the Saudi embassy in Turkey, Trump was vile and malicious enough to glorify violence toward journalists in front of a mob of cultists.

If that weren’t disgusting enough, Rachel Maddow reported last night that Trump intervened in the decision to build a new FBI headquarters near the White House in a way that appears to benefit his financial and real-estate interests, and his administration lied about it to Congress.  Conflicts of interest are rampant in the Trump regime, but this seems to be graft coming directly from Trump himself.  He’s less a president than the head of a mob family.

Trump’s misdeeds keep multiplying and it’s critical to note that Rep John Faso has done next to nothing to slow them down, much less stop them.  Faso hasn’t called for an investigation of anything, nor has he called out disgraced former officials like EPA ex-head Scott Pruitt, who resigned in disgrace.  And Faso certainly hasn’t chastised Trump for his ongoing conflicts nor for the officials from Trump’s campaign and cabinet that have already been indicted, plead guilty, and in some cases spent time in jail.

Faso swore an oath to serve in Congress as a check and balance against the Executive Branch, and in this sense he has been an utter failure. If anything, he’s an enabler and toady of the Trump regime, parroting many of their talking points and priorities.  He was a vocal supporter of Brett Kavanaugh, lamenting the “unfair hit job” that he said the Democrats perpetrated on Kavanaugh–identical to Trump’s talking points.  Faso proves himself the opposite of a good congressman, often on a daily basis.

As we approach the midterms, one of the issues we need to keep at the forefront of the case against Faso is the horrible job he has done at keeping Trump in check. Our nation can’t afford a corrupt & criminal presidency that goes unconstrained by the legislative branch of government.

Let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso and elect Antonio Delgado.

Here are TODAY’s opportunities to phonebank & canvass:

  • HydePark – afternoon/evening
  • Kingston – all day & evening
  • Oneonta – evening

Details here:

Also, Faso Friday is happening at noon in Kingston, Kinderhook and Delhi.



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