The GOP and Rep John Faso feel more and more desperate as we approach the midterms.  The GOP is hauling out their old and debunked fairy tales: on the virtues of trickle down economics (it’s a proven failure); insisting they are protectors of Medicare and Social security even though they are really trying to destroy them; and now talking about trying again to repeal and replace the ACA with TrumpCare, even though they failed miserably last year.

They’re doing all of this in a last-ditch effort to rally their base, hoping that old worn-out phrases like “Obamacare” and “Job Creators” and “Violent Democrat Mobs” will scare their shrinking base into showing up to the polls in less than three weeks.

We have to stay on message.  The ACA allowed 15 million citizens to obtain health insurance who would otherwise have gone without.  This was a huge, life-changing thing for most of them.  Republicans whined that they “couldn’t keep their doctor” even though many of them could.  But I would gladly switch doctors of it meant millions of my friends and neighbors could suddenly afford comprehensive health coverage.  The AHCA destroys much of these gains.  It creates a system that will shrink over time, providing comprehensive coverage for fewer people at a much higher price while letting more people buy garbage plans that don’t cover much, creating the illusion of financial and medical safety where none actually exists.  Pre-existing protections would be stripped away and insurance companies would be allowed to charge older Americans FIVE times as much for insurance as younger people–defeating the entire purpose of risk pooling that insurance relies upon.  It’s a sad joke, and we have to keep hammering home the fact that Trumpcare would be a giant step backwards for thousands in our district, including the most vulnerable.

In another example of lying and distortion, Rep John Faso attacked Antonio Delgado for supporting the Iran Nuclear Deal, which all but the most extreme right-wing lunatics like Trump have concluded was a great deal for the United States and the West.  Faso seems to think that our district is full of Fox News viewers who were lied to about the deal and believe Iran is making nukes when the US Intel Community has consistently verified that they are NOT, that our sanctions had been working, and the result was exactly what negotiators were hoping for.  Faso and Trump’s viewpoint is a perverse distortion of reality fueled by partisan jealousy that the Obama administration was able to forge such a diplomatic achievement.  So we can’t let Faso off the hook.  The Iran deal worked, it was a great success, it achieved its goals peacefully, and when Trump backed out of it–to the horror of the vast majority of our Intel and Defense community–the region was again destabilized and Iran was again forced into a corner.

So instability in Iran is now Trump’s fault, aided by lackeys like Faso.

Let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso and elect Antonio Delgado.

Here are TODAY’s opportunities to help get out the vote:

  • Hudson – evening
  • HydePark – evening
  • Kingston – all day & evening

Times & places can be found at this link:

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