We’re only THREE WEEKS AWAY from the midterms.  It’s easy to get pulled into any of a thousand Trump scandals or insults, from insane comments at his mob rallies to his moral failure in responding to the brutal murder of an aspiring American citizen by the Saudis.  But let’s keep focused on the issues that matter to voters:

  1. Healthcare.  Faso lied to the face of a sick woman in our district, promising to protect her care and only weeks later voting for a bill that would have put her care into mortal jeopardy.  Faso has also stated repeatedly that the ballooning  deficit (caused by the GOP tax scam) will require cuts to Medicaid and Medicare, which should scare the hell out of the seniors in our district.  Health care insecurity is the top concern on many voters minds, and Faso’s record is abysmal.  Of course, his ads lie about the AHCA, which he voted for, so we have to make a clear, simple case for the facts.  The AHCA would have handed insurance companies the ability and incentive to destroy protections for pre-existing conditions, no matter what lies the GOP is trying to sell now.
  2. Federal Taxes.  The GOP tax scam did little for the average citizen.  Most voters in our district barely noticed an increase.  But it’s become perfectly clear that billionaires got the vast majority of the tax cuts, which rubs a lot of people the wrong way, especially because the GOP blew a $1.5 trillion hole in the deficit in order to fund the cuts.  The GOP didn’t need Faso’s vote to pass the tax scam so they let him vote “no” but he agrees with almost every part of the legislation, including the bogus theory that corporate tax cuts cause a permanent boost to the economy, and the disproven theory that tax cuts for the wealthy create jobs.  They don’t.
  3. State Taxes.  The cap on state and local taxes (SALT) was an extremely unpopular feature of the GOP tax scam.  John Faso has long been a fan of the cap as it would in theory force the state to lower property taxes and raise other taxes–but this isn’t going to happen.  Blame Faso for the SALT pain.
  4. Immigration.  The Child Separation policy was a public relations disaster for Trump, and rightly so.  It was a grotesque betrayal of our national values, and it continues to be an ongoing moral abomination, with hundreds of kids still not reunited with their parents.  Continuing to highlight this awful situation is a winner for the resistance.
  5. Women’s Issues.  The #MeToo movement has placed issues of gender equality at the forefront, intensified for so many by the Kavanaugh hearings.  As a legislator in Albany John Faso consistently voted against equal pay legislation, and he also voted against increases for programs that specifically helped women.  His stance was so notorious that his own party described him as a politician who “votes against women.”

The more we can stick to these issues in the next three weeks, the more effective our case to the voters will be.  Let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso and elect Antonio Delgado.

Phonebank and canvass events are happening TODAY in the following towns:

  • Hudson – evening
  • HydePark – evening
  • Kingston – all day
  • Richfield Springs – evening

Details here:


One thought on “Day 634 – Three Weeks Away

  1. At about the time that Faso made his “promise” to Andrea Mitchell, Hudson Valley Strong did an analysis of Faso’s stated position on pre-existing conditions. While Faso claimed then, and continues to claim, that he supports protection of health coverage for individuals with pre-existing conditions, his claim is contradicted by his own statements. Faso advised on more than one occasion that he supports a model like that used in pre-ACA New York law. Pre-ACA New York law, however, allowed insurance companies to exclude coverage related to a pre-existing condition for up to 12 months from the date an individual’s health care coverage began. The ACA eliminated this gap in coverage, and John Faso’s stated desire to return to coverage modeled on pre-ACA New York law would reinstate that gap. More details comparing coverage for pre-existing conditions under the ACA and John Faso’s stated stance may be found on HVS’s website at this link: https://hudsonvalleystrongsite.wordpress.com/position-paper-on-the-affordable-care-act-care-act-position-paper/appendix-c1-aca-position-paper-john-fasos-betrayal-on-pre-existing-conditions/


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