An excellent Twitter “stream” posted yesterday by an account named “Lincoln’s Bible” and it’s worthy of our attention.  I’m aggregating and reprinting it in its entirety below as a roadmap for how we use language and attitude to beat back the sophisticated GOP propaganda campaign:


Trump’s biggest weapon is his RHETORIC. The fevered rallies, capitulation of Senate GOP, press manipulation, Twitter – ALL rhetoric. There is a machine coordinating the rhetoric across GOP leadership & media to galvanize his power. I’m going to tell you how to defeat it.  Punch back directly at the semantics & re-orient their meaning. Do this WITHOUT outrage. If you do it from outrage, you will lose. You will. What do I mean by this? I’ll give you an example with a single word: MOB. Guess what? That’s the word I’ve been using for nearly 2 yrs.  It has worked unbelievably well to punch a narrative through the noise of Twitter. I am an anonymous account, & I have gone from 0 followers to over 50k because of that one, 3-letter word. Because of it’s potency. “MOB”.  I can & have tied it right to Donald with his own history.With FACTS. With the horrible truth about who his daddy really was, and who Donald is still beholden to. There is a mountain of evidence. Trump Org is, and always has been, a money-laundering front for the mob. And 3 years after he declared his run for POTUS. This truth was finally breaking into MSM coverage. Donald Trump is owned by the mob. Full stop. That is what Trump-Russia is all about. Books were finally surfacing. Cable news finally reporting. This past summer, everyone was saying “MOB.” Remember?

When I call dotard a “mobster,” I’m not being cute. Or provocative. Or jumping on MSM’s sudden embrace of what they’ve always known & obfuscated. NO. I’m bringing U the truth. Donald Trump was born into a front organization of the Genovese crime family. He was theirs from birth..

And it was only getting worse with Cohen and Manafort flipping (both mobsters themselves). Mueller reached Fred Trump’s mob CFO, Allen Weisselberg, & REAL panic in Trump World set in. Oh, it’s all coming out. Count on it. So, what does the rhetoric machine do..?  It finds a way to weaponize that word. Attaching it to your outrage around Kavanaugh – and the whole sh*tshow in general. This is what they do. And it works, as long as you punch back from outrage. I’m going to show you another way. I’m going to show you how to win this.

1st: understand what I mean by fighting semantic warfare from a place of outrage. You are rightly disgusted by being gaslit. By the glaring hypocrisy & projection. So, I’m watching many of you get into that argument – THEIR argument – about whether or not you’re an angry mob.  Stop arguing with them about how they see you.  Because the people behind generating that definition – the people running that rhetoric machine, don’t even believe what they’re saying. THEY ARE TROLLING YOU. When you argue with them about their bullshit, you lose. Instead, bring the semantic back into your territory. They are only using “mob” now because it’s such a dangerous word for Donald. And for all of them. For anyone who took a bunch of money from some Russian mobsters, aka oligarchs. Right Lindsey GrahamS? So, here’s how to do it.  Choose either a position of mockery (very effective) or emotionless, factual statements. Be persistent. Attach “MOB” to Donald’s dirty money. Flood every venue w/ridicule & facts of his mob history. Not as counter-argument, but as dismissive fact. SCARE THEM with that word.  FIGHT THE RHETORIC WITH THE RHETORIC ITSELF. Turn it on itself. You can do this. It WILL work. They are scared of that word, or they wouldn’t have taken it out of the discourse & weaponized it. They are telling you what they’re afraid of w/ their projection.  Their rhetoric is a roadmap of their weakness. Of their fears. You have to get out of your outrage in order to see it that way, and fight back. This is semantic warfare. Get it together & fight. Take “MOB” from them. Make them run from it. They’ve spent a lot of money. They’ve built a whole plan for defeating Dems in Senate races by weaponizing that one word. Make them afraid to use it, by CEMENTING IT back where it belongs. Right on top of Donald Trump’s head. Because he’s a f*cking mobster. And they all know it. That embedded thread [about Trump as mobster] above has everything you need to fight. Make it hurt. One last note on the GOP’s weaponization of “mob” to deflect it away from Donald’s blood money & put it on you/us… Moms w/strollers, grandmas in knitted hats, smiling dads/brothers/sons – ALL marching peacefully is real power. Just be seen. And the rhetoric collapses.

“Donald Trump couldn’t build a building if I didn’t want him to.” – Sammy The Bull Gravano.

I’ll show you something now. Links to mafia/organized crime articles & my account used to top Google search for “MOB.” [graphics not shown here] See now how they’ve gamed the algorithms on that word? Note outlets & headlines. This is the warfare. Fight back by amping “MOB” as attached to Trump history.  Push back on outlets like Washington Post using “mob” 4 anything other than organized crime or actual crowd violence. Notice in this pic that there’s a story emerging about real FAR RIGHT GOP-Trump crowd violence (like Charlottesville murder). They fear this exposure.

2nd. AMP it.  You can use “MOB” on [the tweet] from New York State AG (click on it, add the word “MOB”, & re-tweet). In fact, I’d make that go viral if you want to dismantle an entire GOP “left is an angry mob” campaign that they just spent a sh*tton of money on.  A little more on the GOP “Proud Boy” #AngryMob violence in NYC. These are full-throated GOP Trump supporters. A male “nationalist” movement/club started by Gavin McInnes and “proudly” supported by women like Ann Coulter. – Lincoln’s Bible


Some incredibly useful and powerful insights there.  GOP messaging exposes what they are afraid of, just like Trump’s attacks on others are a reflection of his own defects.  He calls others “crooked” because he’s crooked.  He calls others “low energy” because he’s lazy.  He calls others “low-life’s” because he’s a low-life.  And so on.  And the GOP harps on a Democratic Mob because their party has become a mob, and to deflect from the fact that Trump has always been in the orbit of organized crime in New York City.

I’m going to try to adhere to the suggestions of Lincoln’s Bible on social media, though it’s not easy to hide my utter disdain for a corrupt and criminal presidency, nor a Rep like John Faso who fiddles while our Democracy burns.  It’s the smart and strategic way to go.

Let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso and elect Antonio Delgado…

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