Trump held another of his ridiculous Nuremberg rallies last night in Kentucky, and his message is becoming more extreme and frantic as the midterms approach.  Keep in mind that if the Democrats flip the House we will have subpoena power to call witnesses to testify on the Russia conspiracy, as well as a host of other fronts related to corruption that could be devastating to Trump and his regime.  It’s no surprise that he will do anything to hold onto power, so he and his GOP enablers are pulling out all of the scare words that seem to trigger Republican voters, like:

  • Pelosi
  • Communist
  • Socialist
  • Violent
  • MS-13
  • Insane
  • Elite
  • Mob

But their tactics don’t seem to be working.  The Washington Post & ABC released a new poll last night that showed increased enthusiasm to vote among all demographics, but especially among younger adults, nonwhite voters, and those who favor Democrats.

This is great news for the resistance, but it’s certainly no reason to slow down our efforts to Fire Feckless Faso and elect Antonio Delgado.

We have plenty of great opportunities remaining to get out there and make a difference in NY-19.  Many phonebank and canvass events are happening TODAY including these towns:

  • Catskill
  • Cobbleskill
  • Cooperstown
  • Delhi
  • HydePark
  • Kingston
  • Monticello
  • Oneonta
  • Pawling/Beekman
  • Rhinebeck
  • Stone Ridge
  • Troy

Check this link for exact times and locations.

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