Today’s post aims to keep you current on the issues Rep John Faso is pushing on social media, especially those that his small handful of supporters are embracing and running with.

First, Faso has made a big deal of New York City residents coming to the Hudson Valley to canvass for Delgado, and his supporters are feigning outrage.  Faso tweets “Delgado caught bussing NYC Dem. socialists to #NY19 AGAIN. Knowing #NY19 voters don’t like NYC activists influencing our elections, the organizer WARNS them to hide that they’re from NYC. Will Delgado disavow these deceitful tactics?”  Faso acts as if this is the first time anyone has canvassed in a district other than their own, even though it’s a decades-old tactic well-used by conservatives.  Armies of Right-To-Life activists have swarmed battleground states for years.  NRA supporters have done the same.  And the Tea Party didn’t hesitate to show up in neighboring districts to work against politicians they wanted out.  Notice that Faso is labeling all Democrats as “socialists”, which is a tactic straight from the Trump playbook, increasingly used in our district by Faso supporters.  By his logic, Faso and his supporters could ALL be accurately labeled fascists, corporatists, and authoritarians.

Second, Faso has gone all-in on the Kavanaugh appointment, deciding that he can rile up his base by whining about the awful treatment of the saintly, virginal Kavanaugh who has been mistreated so badly and unfairly, like so many other middle-age white men. He describes the treatment of liar Kavanaugh as “character assassination” and “subversion of due process”, which is laughable.  Faso’s record on women’s issues is abysmal, so it’s odd that he thinks this issue will be a winner for him.  He is likely listening to the GOP talking point that the Kavanaugh process has been really good for Republicans, despite much evidence to the contrary.  Their logic goes something like this: If BK’s nomination were thwarted by the Democrats, the GOP would be fired up to vote in November, but since BK’s nomination went through, the GOP is fired up to vote in November.  It doesn’t pass the smell test.  Where are all the pro-Kavanaugh protesters?  Poll after poll show that a only a third of Americans support Kavanaugh.  And new polls show that the Democrats still have an advantage in battleground districts as we approach the midterms:

Faso has a lot of money left to spend on ads, and they will likely continue to be negative attack ads against Delgado. Faso seems desperate, as the tenor of his ads suggest.  He’s assuming that NY-19 is still solid Trump country, but it’s a bad bet.  The people fired up in NY-19 continue to be the Democrats, and Faso’s tweets still get deluged by negative comments denouncing him and his failed tenure as Congressman.  The ratio of detractors to supporters is–no kidding–at least twenty to one.  But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of Republicans out there who will vote for him.  Our main job is to get Democrats to the polls in November.  Let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso and elect Antonio Delgado.  You can find phonebank & canvass opportunities here:


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