Happy Indigenous People Day!

The “Bart” Kavanaugh debacle occupied 99% of the media’s attention over the past week, but now that an obvious partisan hack and LIAR has been sworn to the highest court, we should not ignore the other giant news story that broke last week.

The New York Times published a comprehensive report detailing how the landlord Trump family used financial & tax fraud to: 1) overstate their expenses and charge their rental tenants more than they should have, and 2) transfer wealth between generations, skipping hundreds of millions in estate and/or gift tax liabilities they should have paid.  This would have been a career-jeopardizing scandal for any other president in any other era, but not yet with the Trump cult. 

I came up through the New York City corporate world in the 80s and 90s and found myself in the same room with Donald Trump often, particularly at galas and benefits where old-money Manhattanites gathered.  We all grasped back then what the New York Times has exposed now: Trump was a preening, self-absorbed con-man and real estate heir who didn’t know jack-shit about running a business but used his inherited fortune to puff himself up and chase women.  He lied as easily and as often as you and I breathe.  Profoundly insecure, Trump carried a chip on his shoulder, never able to shake the reputation of being a sleazy bridge-and-tunnel wannabe trying too hard to ingratiate himself to the Upper East Side blue blood crowd.  Even back then Trump was a regular punchline, the butt of a thousand jokes.  Nobody took him seriously except himself.  And one of the things he took VERY seriously was money, especially the myth he developed over decades that he was a self-made billionaire genius.  So it must be especially galling and stressful that The New York Times has ripped the curtain back to reveal the truth about Trump, that he is simply the beneficiary of a large fortune transferred to him through massive fraud.  Here is the detailed and well sourced expose:


As activists we can’t let this story fall by the wayside.  Like the Russia scandal, this bombshell could have serious financial implications for Trump.  And it’s yet another piece of tangible evidence that Trump always has been, and always will be, a lying con man.  He will say anything for more money and power, even if he has to make up stories and lie to your face about something demonstrably false.  We can’t let Trump off the hook for being a fraud.

Of course, Rep John Faso has said nothing about this bombshell.  He’s fully on board the Trump train, deciding that his best path to victory in the midterms is to follow the Trump playbook by using smears, distortions, and racist dog-whistles against Delgado instead of running on his abysmal record.  But Faso’s strategy will only appeal to the most extreme and radical elements of the Trumpublican base, so he has essentially abandoned the moderate and independent portion of the electorate.  If Delgado can capture some of these votes and get a large Democratic turnout, he can beat Faso.

So let’s keep working.  It’s time to reject the corrupt Trump regime by Firing Feckless Faso and electing Antonio Delgado.  Phonebank & canvass…

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