As expected, accused sexual predator and repeated liar “Bart” Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court yesterday.  We lost a big battle, but we’re still in the midst of a generational war that will play out for decades to come.

Trump and his cult are on the wrong side of history, and try as they might to keep America white and dominated by men, they lose ground every passing day.  Their supporters are aging and dying, while some of their strongest opponents are not yet of voting age.  It’s certainly true that young people don’t vote in the same numbers as other age groups, but they also don’t stay young forever.  And as they age, their acceptance of LGTBQ rights and their reverence for all forms of equality will translate into voting power.  Meanwhile America is becoming a profoundly more mixed-race nation.  In my childhood, couples of mixed ethnicity were exceedingly rare but now they and their children are everywhere.  Short of genocide, there is nothing Trump and his white nationalist enablers can do to stop this trend.

America is also becoming a nation increasingly dominated by women.  Over the last thirty years women have accounted for far more advanced degrees than men, which translates into increasing economic power.  Women have also made tremendous strides in the workplace, and while more progress is needed, the MeToo movement has been another painfully positive chapter in this evolution.  In response to Trumpism and its obvious misogyny, women are also becoming more involved in politics and activism, which will have tremendous societal benefits.  Imagine a day when half (or more) of the Senate Judiciary committee are women.  Conservatives can only delay their descent from power for a few more years, and it’s not difficult to see Trumpism as the last gasp (aided by Russia) of a set of broken values in decline.

We need to be focused on winning in November, but our challenge is about much more than a midterm victory.  We’ve seen what happens when citizens become disengaged from the political process.  Corporations take over and usurp democracy.  Radical fringe elements and extreme ideologies get a foothold.  We can’t just vote and hope things work out.  We have to stay engaged in our local politics, and get our friends and families engaged too.  It’s important that we get to know our candidates and work for them.  It’s telling that practically nobody–NOBODY–confronts our activists at Faso Friday protests.  Faso supporters don’t feel strongly enough to fight for him in the public square.  But when Delgado is elected to Congress, we can’t abandon him.  We can’t do to him what Faso’s supporters have done.  We need to continue to show up at town halls, show up at political rallies, and have his back–while holding him and all other reps accountable!  That’s the only way to dig ourselves out of the Trump hole as quickly as possible.  And when Trump is finally gone, we can’t retire from politics then either.  A fundamental shift has to occur in the way we treat politics in our lives.  Politics has to become an ingrained part of our routine as a citizen.  It can’t be an occasional indulgence.  We have to make it a regular life-long priority.

This is a generational struggle we can and will win.  It’s only a question of how quickly we can bring ourselves to victory, and how much damage is done in the meantime.  Let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso and elect Antonio Delgado…

2 thoughts on “Day 625 – Facing the Future

  1. NO! Our challenge is to wrench the House from the Trumpians. Don’t you read history? Was WW2 won by starting with D-Day? We have to fight this strategically, and then tactically. If you focus on Kavanaugh, so will the nitwit morons. Let him fade into the mist. People have incredibly short memories unless you keep waving the red cape before their eyes. First, the House; then next in 2019 [13 months] the Senate. Then we prepare for a full-bore assault on the cretins. God. Get your act together. How did things work out for Gillibrand when she tried to assume leadership of the now powerful #metoo movement by forcing Franken out, without a whiff of due process or the investigation he asked for almost as soon as the allegations surfaced against him? No, that wouldn’t fly with Kirsten. Too opportunistic. And then came the backlash from women who understood how dangerous politics can be. >>Franken’s accuser turned out to be a plant from Fox news.<< She was on their payroll. A codicil: who recalls Kirsten's NRA rating when she was a House member from a district near Albany? Think it all through before you toss stuff up on the Internet. We should be able to outsmart the Trumpians, no?
    FEBRUARY 11, 2018

    "Kirsten Gillibrand 'embarrassed' by not understanding 'gun violence' when NRA gave her an A-rating [100%]"

    Who the F*** in their right mind would not understand "gun violence." I don't think I am as stupid as I look, but maybe…

    Now, I guess she has gone through enough mea culpas and explanatory gymnastics (Lame, but I will give her the benefit of the doubt. More than she ever gave Franken) for me to support her. But, if you do your homework you'll see the number of Democratic senators who regret 'pulling the trigger' so quickly on Franken.


  2. I apologize for the creation of confusion. I was responding to an earlier post about staying hot on the trail of Kavanaugh. Maybe it was Day 624 or a comment. Okay. Back to Omaha Beach…


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