All eyes were on Washington yesterday as the “Bart” Kavanaugh saga continued.  The FBI released it’s confidential investigation result to Senators, who were only allowed limited access, and the Democrats that saw it immediately accused the White House of a sham investigation and cover-up.  As many had feared, the scope of the report was severely limited and the investigators never even spoke to either of the two main parties, Kavanaugh nor Ford.

As the Kavanaugh nomination seemed destined to move to the full Senate, rumors flew about how certain Senators might vote, including the most critical Republican Senators–Flake, Collins & Murkowski.  A rumor was circulating on Twitter that Murkowski might vote NO, but Twitter rumors are unreliable.  Senator Heidi Heitkamp, a very vulnerable Democrat from red state North Dakota, came out courageously against Kavanaugh in what could be a career ending move, but she made a televised explanation of her vote, which was based on conscience, putting country over party.

Another twist occurred yesterday when Republican Senator Daines from Montana announced that he will be at his daughter’s wedding over the weekend and not available to vote, which could cause the final vote to be postponed.

Kavanaugh himself wrote an op-ed in the WSJ published last night in which he claimed regret for being so emotional in his Senate testimony and admitting that he said things he shouldn’t have said.  But he did not mention, much less apologize, for his partisan rant about the Democrats, the Clintons, etc.  For any other job applicant Kavanaugh’s testimony would have been disqualifying, but Republicans in the Senate don’t seem to care that his remarks were deeply partisan, and that he lied his face off about the details of his High School yearbook, or more importantly lied about his knowledge of the Ramirez allegations.  Kavanaugh has proven himself a liar.  Republicans don’t care.

Meanwhile, DC was overrun by protesters horrified that Kavanaugh was still in the running.  A group of sexual assault survivors appealed to Republican Orrin Hatch in a Senate Building hallway and he snapped back at them to “grow up”, which created a firestorm of criticism for being yet another misogynist put-down by an old white man.

Impossible to know where this whole situation will go today.

Faso has said nothing since his call a few days ago for a vote on Kavanaugh.  His party is shoving a middle finger in the faces of American women while destroying the legitimacy of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and possibly destroying the reputation of the Supreme Court.  Just another reason to keep working to Fire Feckless Faso and elect Antonio Delgado.

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