Over the past few days on social media Rep John Faso has said nothing about the national scandals dominating the news, from “Bart” Kavanaugh lying repeatedly to Congress to Trump mocking sexual assault survivor Doctor Christine Blasey Ford to Trump’s fortune apparently gained through massive tax fraud.

Faso has also said very little about his voting record in Congress, which is no surprise. He voted for some very bad legislation that is damaging to our district (cutting SNAP benefits, ACA repeal) and damaging to the USA (coal mining waste can be dumped into streams), and he supported policies that hurt our residents (capping SALT deductions).

Instead, Faso has spent his time posting pictures of himself at small events and ribbon cuttings…and attacking Antonio Delgado.  Faso’s latest attacks center on Delgado’s claim that when Faso voted for TrumpCare he voted to allow insurance companies to charge senior citizens more for insurance than others.  According to PolitiFact, Delgado’s claim was mostly false, and Faso has been repeating this.  But part of the reason the claim was deemed mostly false was that New York State passed legislation that forbids insurance companies from charging certain age groups more than others.  So Delgado’s claim was TRUE for all of the states that didn’t have similar legislation, just not true here.

However, Republicans have been trying to invalidate state laws that go against their policy positions, like laws in California that prevent pollution that are more restrictive than Federal standards.  If the AHCA (TrumpCare) had passed, aided by Faso’s vote, you can bet dollars to donuts that the GOP would have taken NYS to court to invalidate our protections for seniors.  That’s who the GOP has become–a party of heartless corporate ghouls serving the greed of their dark-money PAC owners at the expense of average citizens and our environment–and Faso is with them.

Another claim Delgado made was that Faso’s TrumpCare vote was a vote to remove protections for people with pre-existing conditions.  In this case PolitiFact agreed with Delgado.  TrumpCare removed limits on premium increases by insurance companies for people with pre-existing conditions, meaning that millions of citizens who could afford insurance through the ACA would get priced out of insurance under the AHCA, which would be devastating and would effectively bring us back to the awful days before the ACA when families with medical crises were routinely forced into bankruptcy.

Faso’s track record in Congress is bad, and his record as an Albany lawmaker was even worse–described by his own party as a legislator who “votes against women.”  There has been some talk in recent days that the Kavanaugh debacle won’t change the turnout for the Democrats because women who are horrified by Kavanaugh were already planning on voting, whereas Republicans who were lukewarm about voting are suddenly fired up to vote because they don’t like what has happened to Kavanaugh.  In other words, the Kavanaugh situation reminded old white Republican men that the world will no longer tolerate their misogyny–a development these men find intolerable.  It’s hard to know if this theory has any real substance, but it’s a good reminder that we cannot coast or take anything for granted.  This election is likely to be very close.  We have to keep working to Fire Feckless Faso and elect Antonio Delgado.  Phonebank & canvass…

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