Yesterday was yet another insane day in Trump world.  A number of significant news items broke and our Liar In Chief was at the center of them all.

>>The New York Times broke a massive story about the financial origins of Donald Trump, showing that through a series of fraudulent tax schemes his father was able to transfer to Donald at least $413 million in wealth, rendering Trump’s claims of being a self made business genius laughable.

Of course, everyone who came up in the business world of Manhattan in the ’80s and ’90s already knew that Trump was a sleazy liar and huckster whose only “talent” was the art of self promotion.  A manager who bankrupts a casino (twice) is nothing if not a business failure.

The Times’ story raises interesting questions about the legal ramifications, if any, of the fraudulent tax schemes, so it will be interesting to see where this story goes.

>Yesterday in Mississippi at yet another of Trump’s Nuremberg rallies he mocked sexual assault victim Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, belittling her claims and character.  It was a new low by the king of new lows, and sent social media into a firestorm of condemnation, especially from legions sexual assault survivors.

>The FBI investigation of Brett “Bart” Kavanaugh appears to be coming to a close today and many potential witnesses have still not been interviewed, which, despite Trump’s lies to the contrary, seems to confirm that the White House placed severe restrictions on the scope of the probe.  With each passing hour it becomes clearer that Kavanaugh lied his face off to Congress.  Will it matter?  One of the most glaring and consequential lies concerns the allegations by his former Yale classmate Deborah Ramirez.  During questioning by the Senate Judiciary Committee Kavanaugh clearly stated that he only learned of her allegations after a story broke in the New Yorker.  But witnesses have come forward with evidence that he new about the allegations before the story broke, and he tried to line up the support of some of his Yale friends in case he needed to push back once the story was published.  Here’s a good summary in New York Magazine:

It’s only Wednesday morning but it’s certain these and other stories will continue to unfold as the hours pass.  In NY-19 Rep John Faso continues to attack Antonio Delgado rather than defend his awful record in Congress.  Faso keeps blasting Tweets tying Delgado to the horrors of Universal Health Care and invoking Nancy Pelosi to try to stir up his misogynist base.  Let’s face it–there has never been a woman in the Democratic party that the Republicans haven’t fearfully described as an evil demonic harpy trying to bring about the fall of civilization.  The GOP has loudly and proudly hated every single one of them, including Clinton, Pelosi, Waters, Warren, Feinstein, Harris, Giffords, and our own Gillibrand.  Sense a pattern?

If the misogyny, corruption, lies and malevolence of Trump and his administration don’t motivate people to go to the polls this November, then nothing will.  So let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso and elect Antonio Delgado.

Phonebank & Canvass…

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