As you probably already know, yesterday was an extraordinary day in the Senate Judiciary Committee.  The vote to bring Kavanaugh out of committee seemed a certainty until Republican member Jeff Flake was confronted in a Senate elevator by two women incensed by Kavanaugh’s candidacy.  Flake subsequently decided to reject the GOP script and request that the Senate delay a floor vote on Kavanaugh for a week to allow the FBI to investigate the allegations of sexual abuse, as long as the White House agreed.  Flake later denied that the two women in the elevator changed his mind…

These were the takeaways from Flake’s change in position:

1 – The Ford/Kavanaugh hearing had devolved into these two positions: Republicans raged that the Democrats had ambushed the committee with a “hit job” by falsely drumming up charges against a choirboy nominee to ruin his life; Democrats insisted that the nominee should not be voted on without further investigation into credible charges of sexual abuse.  Flake’s move meant that the Democrat’s position had actually prevailed, and made the Republicans look foolish and irresponsible.

2 – The White House agreed to request an FBI investigation.

3 – The FBI sprang into action.

4 – The FBI will apparently investigate not only Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations against Kavanaugh, but ALSO allegations by two other women, including the client of attorney Michael Avenatti who alleges that Kavanaugh and friends spiked drinks at parties to incapacitate women so they could be taken advantage of.

5 – Kavanaugh’s sworn testimony to the Senate that he never drank too excess (to the point of blacking out or not remembering parts of an evening) will be scrutinized and tested.  One of his Yale classmates was on TV last night saying she found his claim preposterous, that he was a heavy partier, and she felt he had committed perjury. His entire high school persona and year book comments prove her point.

6 – Lindsey Graham, whose enraged outburst during the Ford/Kavanaugh testimony two days ago caught everyone by surprise, is looking increasingly bad in this whole sordid saga.  Graham might as well have screamed that “I don’t care what any woman says about things that happened thirty five years ago. Kavanaugh is a ‘good man’ and will get my support no matter what.”  Graham went full Trump with the goal that he might someday be made Attorney General–and he may yet be–but came off looking like an entitled prick.

Next week will be fascinating as we learn more about the findings of the FBI investigation.

Meanwhile in NY-19, Rep John Faso went on the radio shortly before the Flake development and cast his lot with Lindsey Graham, calling for Kavanaugh to be confirmed.  He said this about Kavanaugh:

“I believe that he should be confirmed. I think that Dr. Ford’s allegations should have been taken seriously and I think the country has taken them seriously.”

In other words, the GOP let the little lady have her moment of talking and now we can go ahead and give the man what he is entitled to.  The full article can be found here:

Faso didn’t call for an investigation.  He didn’t say he was troubled by Ford’s allegations.  He gave lip service to “taking her seriously” before dismissing her.  Faso’s statement dovetails with his horrible record on women’s issues and is yet another reason why Faso is unfit to represent out district.

Let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso and elect Antonio Delgado…


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