Dignitaries at the United Nations erupted in laughter at Trump during a speech in which he boasted in a deadly serious way that his presidency had accomplished more in two years than almost any other president in history.  Trump has become, quite literally, an international laughingstock.


Attorney Michael Avenatti promised that by today another woman would make public allegations about SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh that would include possibly criminal behavior while in high school.  The details he teased two days ago of sexual misconduct were tantalizing and explosive.

Meanwhile Trump has announced an extremely rare OPEN press conference for today.  He is usually too chicken to do an open presser because he gets hammered by questions that illuminate how inept, unfit and incompetent he is as commander in chief, not to mention that it’s so easy for the media to catch him in lies.  But he so full of himself that he probably thinks, “with all the crazy stories going on, I need to speak to the press and smooth it all out, since I’m such a charming and persuasive alpha dog.”  The press corps should laugh at him the way the UN did.


Kavanaugh accuser Dr. Ford will testify to the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Republicans on the Committee–all of them old white men–have hired a female prosecutor to do the questioning for them because they are spineless cowards who are at least smart enough to realize that they are incapable of tact, dignity and sensitivity.  Their misogyny is too ingrained to set aside, so they found a way to avoid looking like the toxic, blood thirsty attack dogs who questioned Anita Hill years ago. Tomorrow’s hearing already seems like a sham, devoid of witnesses or investigatory evidence, whose conclusions have already been determined, so it will likely go down in the history books as a dark stain on the Senate.

President Trump is scheduled to speak face-to-face with AAG Rod Rosenstein about a recent report claiming Rosenstein threatened to wear a wire when talking to Trump, and also threatened to urge Congress to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office.  If Trump decides to fire Rosenstein, it will allow Trump to jeopardize the Muller investigation, which should greatly alarm us all.  Regardless, if Rosenstein is smart he’ll wear a wire to the meeting.


Assuming that nothing new (Avenatti) derails the Kavanaugh confirmation process, a vote is now scheduled to be taken on Friday by the Judiciary Committee to bring Kavanaugh’s nomination to the floor of the Senate–less than 24 hours after a hearing about his possible sexual assault of a young woman. Republicans are rushing the process because they are terrified that the longer they wait, the more allegations are likely to surface.  They know that the crimes a sexual abuser are like roaches–for every one you see, there are many more you don’t.


Rep John Faso continues to hide his head in the sand and remain silent on the lies, corruption and institutional destruction happening in the Trump regime. Has he called for an FBI investigation of Kavanaugh, as any reasonable citizen would be compelled to do by now?  Of course not.  Faso is a Trump toady who only cares about making life better for the billionaires who fund his campaigns.

Let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso and elect Antonio Delgado.

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