Allegations and accusations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh continue to mount. A second accuser from Kavanaugh’s time as an undergrad at Yale came forward yesterday, and a client of attorney Michael Avenatti is expected to come forward by tomorrow with even more devastating charges against Kavanaugh from his days in high school.  Last night, a fourth accuser is rumored to be talking to authorities in Maryland.  It’s become reasonable to see Kavanaugh as a serial sexual abuser, and it’s become easy to see his GOP defenders as craven political hacks whose claims of a “vast left-wing conspiracy” are as ridiculous as they are delusional.  The Republicans are now the “obstruction of justice” party.  And they’ve also become the party of misogyny and entrenched male privilege, which they need to pay for at the ballot box.

As this blog previously detailed, we know that John Faso votes against women, and his record as an Albany legislator proves it.  Faso is even described by Republicans as a guy who “votes against women.”  But he also voted the wrong way on many other bills and issues in Albany, and some of those are worth remembering as we try to get rid of him as our congressman.  His votes in Albany are the best window we have into how he will vote in Congress, especially on issues that have yet to come before him.

  • Faso sponsored legislation that would allow schools to perform drug tests on students without getting parental consent first, siding with government tyranny over individual liberty.
  • Faso sponsored legislation that would allow first-time marijuana offenders to face jail time, even though public opinion and many states have moved in the direction of easing penalties and legalizing marijuana.
  • Faso twice voted against bills that protect consumers from abuses in the sub-prime lending market by closing predatory lending loopholes.  Faso sided with corrupt lenders and Wall Street banks who destroyed our economy instead of everyday citizens.
  • Faso consistently voted against raising the minimum wage, claiming it would kill small businesses, siding with owners over workers even though data on minimum raise hikes consistently proves Faso’s claims wrong.
  • Faso opposed a bi-partisan effort to clean up the Hudson River by removing toxic chemicals from GE, putting corporate greed above the health and welfare of his constituents.  Faso also received $12,000 from GE.
  • Faso voted against creating a consumer protection agency to hold insurers who committed fraud and abuse accountable, putting corporate greed above the health and welfare of his constituents yet again.
  • Faso voted against increasing pay for police and firefighters, even though NYC Mayor Giuliani was begging for them.

Faso’s congressional record is equally pathetic.  He voted to repeal the ACA and replace it with a TrumpCare bill that would have given insurers the power to deny coverage for pre-existing conditions and charge seniors significantly higher premiums.  He voted for a farm bill that badly hurts SNAP recipients in order to lower government expenditures to reduce the deficit his party exploded.  And he voted for Trump-backed legislation 90% of the time. But many issues have yet to be voted on in Congress, and Faso’s time in Albany tells us that his views and positions are harmful to our district.  Like Trump and the GOP, Faso is a textbook plutocrat who consistently sides with CEOs and corporate power at the expense of everyone else. His pattern is clear. We deserve a Rep who puts people over profits.

Let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso and elect Antonio Delgado…

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