In case you weren’t plugged into the news yesterday, here are some of the Trump & Faso lowlights from this past work week:

>> Trump finally (inevitably) broke his adviser-imposed silence and tweeted about the Kavanaugh sex abuse allegations, attacking Dr. Ford and musing that an attack as bad as the one she described would certainly have been reported to the police. But as people less ignorant than Trump all know, sexual assault is the most under-reported of crimes in America–the Catholic priest molestation scandals can attest to that.

>>The old white Republican dinosaurs on the Senate Judiciary Committee are still trying to find a ways to bully and trivialize Dr. Ford while ramming Kavanaugh through the confirmation process.  The public statements of Chairman Grassley and others prove that they have pre-judged Dr. Ford and are incapable of giving her a fair and balanced hearing, much less a thorough investigation.  The GOP has become the party that abuses women, and as Kavanaugh’s public support plummets (only 31% of Americans want him confirmed, the most unpopular in Supreme Court history), the effect of their mistreatment of women on the Midterms will loom larger and larger for the Republican party.  Will they cave and cut Kavanaugh loose, or will they face the ire of voters in order to get a Trump-friendly extremist on the court?

>>Trump decided to selectively release classified documents from the Mueller investigation in unredacted form, in order to smear the FBI and DOJ.  The release would put Intelligence assets at risk and harm our national security, so the FBI and DOJ fought back.  When asked if he had actually read the documents, Trump said this:

“I have not reviewed them…I have been asked by many people in Congress as you know to release them…I have watched commentators that I respect begging the president of the United States to release them…”

So Trump decided to release the documents because commentators on Fox were continually begging him to.  He didn’t listen to his cabinet and he certainly didn’t listen to the DOJ or Intel community–he took his orders from Sean Hannity and Judge Janine. It’s appalling.  But Trump received so much blow-back from Intel and members of his own party, as well as the press and public, that he eventually walked back the document release, which simply made him look weak and ineffectual in addition to irresponsible.

>>Trump economic adviser Larry Kudlow suggested that cuts to entitlements–Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid–were probably coming next year.  These are the cuts the GOP has wanted for decades, and the deficit-ballooning Tax Scam is their manufactured excuse.  “Gee, we need to cut spending to mitigate the giant budget deficit caused by our tax cuts for billionaires.”

>>In addition, Trump and the GOP have damaged the ACA’s ability to fund itself, so ACA premiums are rising fast as the program becomes more unstable.  But the ACA remains popular, so Congressional Reps like John Faso have scrubbed their campaign websites of policy pronouncements to replace the “awful ACA that will destroy America.”  Like so many Republican lawmakers, Faso continues to prove to the district that he’s a coward and a manipulator of the truth.

Let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso and elect Antonio Delgado.  There are plenty of ways to help the Delgado campaign.  Check out their website for volunteer opportunities:


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