Watching Twitter posts during the course of a day is a fascinating view into the mind of our Congressional opponent and his supporters.  Rep John Faso (or a staff writer) usually posts once or twice a day, and a tiny circle of Faso supporters try to troll the NY-19 posts that attack Faso, mock his positions, or advocate for Delgado.

The topics or phrases Faso and his supporters continually focus on give us an excellent sense of the fears and perceived vulnerabilities they harbor.  Here is a summary of what their posts reveal:

>They try to portray NY19 activists as illegitimate, as secret Manhattan residents who aren’t really from this area. They know Faso takes a lot of money from outside interests, so they are desperate to have people believe that Delgado’s support is likewise from outside the district, likewise illegitimate.

>They often refer to Delgado as being from New Jersey.  They know that Faso grew up on Long Island and moved to Columbia County as an original carpetbagger, so they are desperate to paint Delgado as less “of the district” than Faso.

>They also bring up Delgado’s old rap album and try to portray him as “different” than most district residents.  Faso and his homogeneous supporters are desperate to win, so playing a thinly veiled race card isn’t beneath them.

>They paint area Democrats as Socialists who want to massively raise taxes, ruin the economy and destroy jobs.  They know Faso supported the GOP Tax Scam, which is widely unpopular, so they are fear-mongering their base into believing Delgado and his radical supporters are an economic threat.

>They describe social media posts by local activists as “tired old, same old, worn out” liberal rhetoric.  They know aging Faso’s campaign is lethargic and the energy level of his district supporters is low, so they are desperate to downplay the fact that Delgado’s campaign is motivated, young, vibrant and energetic.

>They characterize Medicare-for-all and Universal Care as a mortal threat to our Democracy and way of life.  They know that Faso’s votes against the ACA are his greatest vulnerability, so they’re desperate to create the illusion that–as bad as things are with our broken insurance system–the policies of the Democrats will be worse.

Given these observations, it makes sense that we continue to remind citizens that Faso…

  • is a dinosaur.
  • is running a low-energy campaign.
  • takes a lot of money from outsiders.
  • supports economic policies that hurt or friends and neighbors.
  • tried to dismantle the ACA and remove protections for pre-existing conditions.

Let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso and elect Antonio Delgado…

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