The Republican party seems determined to seat Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court no matter what.  The sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh should spur an FBI investigation and a new round of hearings. including an array of witnesses, but the GOP are desperate to avoid the facts and the truth. Their latest maneuver is to schedule a hasty hearing for this coming Monday with just Brett Kavanaugh and his accuser, Doctor Christine Blasey Ford, sitting at the same table. It’s an insult to the history and standards of the Judiciary Committee, but more importantly, it’s an insult and an affront to women.  Needless to say, the Republicans on the committee are all men.

Dr. Ford has indicated through her lawyer that she does not want to testify unless and until the FBI does an investigation, per the usual procedure. But the craven Chairman of the committee, Chuck Grassley, has thus far denied her request, giving her a take-it-or-leave-it ultimatum.

It’s bad enough that the Republicans in the Senate have learned nothing since the Anita Hill debacle.  But our own NY-19 rep John Faso has his own lamentable history on women’s issues.  Perhaps that’s why he’s been so silent on Kavanaugh in the last few days.  Here’s a reprint of the sad facts about Faso.

Faso has stated publicly that he opposes Roe v Wade.  Here are selected low-lights from a DCCC research report on Faso’s time in Albany:

  • Voted against a bill prohibiting companies from charging women higher premiums for disability income protection.
  • Voted 21 times against initiatives to combat pay inequality between men and women, casting the lone “no” vote seven times.
  • Cast the lone “no” vote against expanding prenatal health care.
  • Voted against bill that provided millions of dollars for rape crisis centers.
  • Voted against bipartisan anti-stalking legislation.
  • Voted against women’s health bill requiring health insurers cover preventive care services and expanded coverage of mammography, prohibit copayments and deductibles for mammography and cervical screenings.
  • Wrote op-ed about equal pay that argued “additional laws aren’t the answer,” described pay equity legislation as “job-killing federal regulations.”
  • Republicans in 2006 described Faso as an “extremist conservative” who “votes against women”.

Faso fits well in today’s Trumpublican party.  His record in Albany of open hostility to women’s issues stood out against his peers so much so that they weren’t shy about hanging it around his neck.  It’s what he was known for.  Our district and our country deserve better leadership.  Retrogressive white men who yearn for the 1950s have had their chance and mostly failed.  To them, equality feels oppressive and the absence of privilege feels suffocating.  Too bad.  The rest of the nation will be much better off when more women and people of diverse ethnicity gain positions of power–and the Trump regime is swept into the ashcan of history.  But it won’t happen by magic.  It will only happen through dedication and hard work.  We can do our part by working to Fire Feckless Faso and elect Antonio Delgado…


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